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Yes, I know I posted this on, but please read anyway...Warning...hella long...

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Alright. I have decided to sell my 3rd gen in favor of a 4th gen, and like 2-3 weeks ago, these morons were gawking at my car, leaning up against it, putting hadprints on the windows, looking inside, (all this happens while I am inside working, BTW). So, they came in, and one of my friends knew them, so we went over and talked to them, and the first thing out of their mouths is "hey, whos prelude is that out in the praking lot?". I told them it was mine, and they proceeded to tell me how perfect it is, etc, etc, (not to be cocky, but it IS perfect...). One of them has been looking for a prelude forever, and asks how much I want for it...I told him a stupid amount, (even though NADA books it at about 6800, dont give me $hit on how the blue book is better, the NADA IS what the dealers go by...NADA= National Auto Dealers Association...Thank you very much) and I said something like 6500 bucks...he''s like, "oh thats too much, blah blah blah" I''m just like whatever, do you want it or not? "no". I''m like fine...whatever, I dont really care, I want the car anyway...So, after we talk, we go outside, and there is handprints and $hit all over my freshly washed lude...I''m like, "did you do this?" and they told me no...lyin a$$ they left...

Then today, I saw one one of them and some other retard who thinks his cavalier 2.2 will beat my car and my friends SC2...hmm...(just pointing out the intelligence of these people to you). So, I asked them if anyone they knew wanted to buy my lude for 5900 bucks (with about 650 in stereo stuff, thats no subs, no amps, just deck and speakers BTW) and he''s like "no, I found a 93 for 7g''s". I said, "yeah, my car is NOT a 93, and I''m not asking 7g''s either..." So they go inside, and I see them 5 minutes later, and they tell me they will give me 3g''s for my car...3000 dollars. For an almost FUKCING PERFECT 3g prelude. (for guys who have to live with salt in winters, you know what most 3g''s look like...rust rust rust)

I just laughed, but they are really fukcing lucky I was at work, or would have torn their retarded asses down. I''m sorry, I don''t want to sound like a "big tough guy, I''m gonna kill you!!" type, but I have never been so insulted in my life. NEVER. Nothing anyone has EVER said to me pissed me off that much. I think if I was out of work, I would probably be in juvie hall right now because they would be in the damn hospital... when I get pissed, its not a pretty sight. Now, the worst part is, they were serious. Serious. Now, I already told you the one a$$hole drives a cavalier, now, the other kid drives an 89 acura ledgend, all rusty and $hit, with some ghetto ass chrome rims on it, and a farty ass exhaust. The other one, (get this) drives FUKCING 89 civic hatchback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with damn white poverty caps (read: fake wheel covers bought from your local wal mart) and they are painted white. PAINTED POVERTY CAPS!!!!!!! WTF!!? now, they gave me $hit over how much I am asking for my car, and he paid 1700 bucks for an 89 CIVIC HATCHBACK!!! LX!!! FUKC!!!! And he thinks hes big $hit with his white POVERTY CAPS!!!! and a damn straight pipe and retarded ass chrome exhaust tip from pep boys! he has white vinyl all over the piece of $hit, and my favorite, thinks he is gonna fit 19''s on his CIVIC HATCHBACK!!!!! LX!!!!!!!! and none of them can say "konig" they say KONG!!!!!! who the fukc is KONG!?!?!? apparently they have never heard of racing hart, volk racing, etc, because they think they are gonna have a real fukcin race car with their KONG RIMS!!!!!!!! I told the dumb fukc to lose the poverty caps, and all three turned to me and told me that it looks good and is CUSTOM!!!!!! CUSTOM!!!!!!!!!!! but, my car is JUNK!!!!! not worth 5900, only worth 3 grand!!!!!! FUKC YOU YOU RETARDED, $HIT EATING, ASS FUKCING, DICK LICKING, FART BREATHING, RICE BOY A$$HOLE!!!!

I''m sorry, but I have no one to talk to right now, and I had to tell someone about this before I broke something important. I am also sorry for this post being the longest post on a message board know to man. I mean, this just burns my ass. I did not do the whole message in caps, just because I knew some would complain and not read it, but just to let you know, I was yelling, kicking and screaming all during that pile of $hit above this. I''m sorry, but, I do not think 5900 is bad for my car, especially around here, considering the average condition of ludes here is ass trash. I spent 45 minutes typing this $hit. 45 minutes of my life, devoted to some retarded A-holes. What do you guys think of this??? Am I wrong for feeling this way? Or should I just let it go, and get used to it as one of the many encounters I am going to have in my life with the rice boys of our nation? I dont think 5900 is a bad price for my car, I paid 6g''s 2 months ago. Believe it or not, this whole story makes me want to literally cry. CRY!!!!! WHat the hell? Is it me? damn...

a very very angry Paul...

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Originally Posted by Gabe:
Well that's the second ugliest thing I've seen today. The first was a geo metro with a CF hoof (I'm sure it was fake cause the rest of the car looked like sh!t). On top of being installed incorrectly, it was so crooked in the front, it had one stick on hood pin. I guess the other flew off during some massive display of acceleration.</font>
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Wow... lotta anger... I woulda felt the same though.

Post some pics of your 3rd Gen. Prelude.
oh btw, after the dealers gets a hold of your prelude, the bastards mark up the price.

when i went looking for a 5th Gen. Prelude this Honda dealer wanted $22,000 for a 4th Gen. Prelude that had +60,000 miles on it already. i was like wtf? uh no! i wasn't looking for a 4th Gen. Prelude anyways, shhhoot, i was like "read my lips... do you understand the words comming out of my mouth?" but anyways... post some pics of your ride.

2k pearl white 5spd base honda prelude.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by PRELUDESI2NV:
And he thinks hes big $hit with his white POVERTY CAPS!!!!


and retarded ass chrome exhaust tip from pep boys!

Well, I have black steel wheels and a chrome exhaust tip (it happens to say RS*R on it) too.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">I spent 45 minutes typing this $hit. 45 minutes of my life, devoted to some retarded A-holes. What do you guys think of this??? </font>

Try meditation (see: yoga)


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I am a fan of the 90-91 3G myself and those asses don't know their asses from a hole in the ground, not worth your time and energy man, move on.
What you need to remember is that when somebody makes an offer on your vehicle, its business. They are not trying to insult you, its not personal. Its up to you whether to accept that price or not. If you think they are crazy just say no and wait for someone who will make an offer you can live with.

I haven't seen your car, but I owned a 91 Si 4WS with the 2.056 motor. It was just about perfect. It was all white, to include the molding and wheels. When I was selling it the book value was way higher than what they were actually selling for.

I ended up getting the most by trading it in to a dealership that went by the book. They ended up being stuck with it for a long time. The book value is always higher on 3rd Gen. Preludes than what they are actually selling for, around this part of the country anyway. But still, maybe you'll find someone who will pay book, I did.
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1) You're mad about what they think, but yet you KNOW these idiots don't have any sense. Rise above them. You're already there, but your mind doesn't know it yet.

2) You spent 45 minutes typing this message? That's 45 minutes you could have spent getting their 3rd-world, riceboy fingerprints off of your baby. You'll never get that 45 minutes of your life back, just like I'll never get the 10 minutes of my life back that I'm spending typing this response!

3) It is NOT snobby, uppity, or conceited for you to look at somebody like them and say to yourself, "I AM BETTER THAN THEY ARE" as long as you remember to BE BETTER rather than to just THINK YOU'RE BETTER.

4) "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. " That's what some other guy named Paul had to say about it. He wasn't talking about cars, either. The car wouldn't be invented for another 1900 years. I think he was talking about attitudes and beliefs.


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so what exactly is the point to get that frustrated/pissed because a couple of kids tried to low-ball you.
it's simple, just say no thanks every time they try and move on.

not sure what your lude looks like, but there are people like that everywhere. trying to low-ball and what not. don't give it a second thought.
Thanks guys. I'm glad someone finally understands what I am dealing with here. I was really PO'ed last night, and I just could not hold it in anymore...BTW, Pete, I wiped their 3rd world riceboy fingerprints off my car guys are right, I will just wait until I find the right person. The problem around here is that people WANT my car, but they can't afford it. Hell, I'm lucky I can afford it...and what am I doing? I'm gonna buy a NEWER lude...Damn I'm dumb...

5900 doesn't sound too bad..the lowest i'd go about selling your ride is some pix if you can though.



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atleast you didn't get your first door ding thats pretty noticable on your 99 lude...that pisses me off more than someone saying they would be my car for 10g's or something!
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