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OEM 4th gen suspension for my Groundcontrol/Tokico shocks setup in Maryland.

I have a ground control coilovers ( adjustable height ) on Tokico blue ( non adj) shocks. I've had them for about 35k miles now, they have worked flawlessly for the time on my car. I am returning my car back to OEM. You will be able to test drive my car and see how it feels.

Instead of taking the whole assembly apart and having to recompress the oem springs, I would rather find someone to swap suspensions with me.

I have many tools, a garage, and air tools to do the swap, just need to find someone local to swap with. I would be doing the swap, you can help if you want but its up to you. I am in Rockville Maryland 20853.

I looking to get 250 + the trade. I do require your oem setup to be in good condition and with preferably less than 100k miles on it.

I wont be checking this site too often, please email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
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