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Need your best guesses or experiences here. Don't hold back...

After seeing my front deep-well floor mat was FULL of water and carpet was wet, I fixed the leak under the windshield fresh air intake and that solved the FIRST problem.

Then I made the mistake of pulling up the carpet and the OEM sound padding.

What I found was a disgusting, thick brown sludge that I can only describe as a mix of baby poop and oil. No major odor -except oily. Not on the driver side. Right down to the metal and on the paddings and into the carpet. NASTY.

I've begun to scrape and wipe up this crap, and prob will use a grease cutter. But I would like to know what caused this mess, and how to avoid it in future. I'm new to HONDAS but I've restored many cars and Ive never seen this crap.

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