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Won’t start (out of ideas)

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Recently me 97 sh stalled rolling to a red light it started after two tries but wouldn’t start a couple hours later, I replaced the fuel pump, spark plugs, distributor, fuel filter all with the hopes my problem would be solved it seemed that way after driving for 30 minutes at slow downtown and regular highway speeds just for it to shut off while pulling into a parking spot leaving me stranded. I’m out of ideas and this is my last hope before taking it a Honda dealer for service.
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Symptom: Stalls/turns over but will not start

potential solution 1: Check valve clearance

potential solution 2: timing is off / check timing.

chris fix has a vid on a (red 1998) civic from his neighbor where he fixes a similar issue where it stalled out and then wouldn’t turn over.

only dissimilarity is that the example vid is for a SOHC engine but it may get you on the right path to fixing/adjusting your H22!
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