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Woe is me...

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The story begins...I pull a ce code 3: map sensor. 1st question, has anyone had to replace their map sensor on their 4th gen vtec? So I figured maybe it was a loose wire on my vtec controller, I didn't want to go out and buy a map sensor and have a wiring problem. I tugged on all the wires and all of them had good connections, keep in mind I did this while the car was running as make sure that it would trip off on a big bump or something. Next is the weird part, I'm at a stoplight and I accidently kill the car(i know, I know). I go to start it again, and all it will do is start and immediately shut off. I push it to the side of the road. It continues to do this for 10 min or so. I figure I must of goofed up some of the wiring. So I check all my ecu connections again. All good. Next I notice that the engine will stay running as long as I keep the key pushed into the start position, but once I release it kills. Finially it works after I put it back together. Later that night it started again, yet again I checked my ecu, this time I wasn't so lucky it still won't start. One thing I did notice was that when the key is in ignition setting the dash lights don't come on anymore. And while I was able to drive the dash flickered interminently. As you would probably guess I'm terrified. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated dearly!

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