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Hey Guys,

So I am installing;
OEM JDM Power Folding Mirrors.
OEM CDN Heated Mirrors swapped to AUDM mirror lenses.
OEM CDN Heated Seats + switches + relay.

I've decided to do this in one go so I'm not constantly taking my car apart to run a few wires.

1) Does anyone have a clear diagram explaining a retrofit into a BB6 Prelude that has not had heated seats from factory?
2) Which wire have people used for power while running both Power and Heated mirrors? (I was planning to use the Black/Green for the rear defroster relay)

Wire technical specifications:

I am by no means knowledgeable about wiring, but I have done some research about what I should use. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Power Folding Mirror (Button, Relay, Motor Mirrors):
+ In (From relay)
: 16awg (reversible)
+ In (From relay): 16awg (reversible)
Status: Installed + tested ready to be properly wired.

Heated Mirrors:
+ In (From rear defroster circuit):
- Ground: 14awg (shared with heated seats.)
Status: Installed + tested ready to be properly wired.

Heated Seats (Switches, Relay, Heated Material):
+ In:
+ Switch Out (Low): 14awg
+ Switch Out (High): 14awg
+ Switch Light: 16awg
- Switch Ground: 14awg (shared with heated mirrors.)
- Seat Ground: 14awg
- Relay Ground: 14awg
Status: Not Installed, needing information.

Any help would be appreciated.

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