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Well everyone, recently a deal that I have been dreaming about has come upon me.

Last week I was trolling the the local craigslist ads, and I came across a near mint, 1983 mazda rx-7 5 speed with 114k on it. I called the guy up and he said it was priced low to move fast because they just didn't want to store it another winter. I know a little about rotary engines from being into cars, so I asked him what was wrong with it you know. I asked about the the rotors, the seals, any problems overheating or what not, any major repairs. there were none. This deal seemed too good to be true. I proceeded to go look at the car and just as the man had said it was literally almost spotless. The body is about 98% rust free, underneath the car looks great!

I paid what he was asking in full and walked away with a notarized title and FB Rx7 for $950.00.

Now I have big plans for the RX7. I plan on "bastardizing" the car by putting a v8 in it. My job at Summit Racing allows me to do this relatively cheap. I've been calling and asking them questions as well as becoming a new member on
Goals with that car:

- try my hand at auto body, prepping and painting.
- either put in a 350 or 302 carb'd chevy or ford motor.
- have a nice unique car to drive at shows

So you're probably wondering why am I talking about an RX-7 in the detailer's corner?

Well I didn't plan on driving the prelude through another winter, but I just can't put such a clean rx7 through an ohio winter especially since it really needs very little body work at all. The prelude probably has more rust than the rx7.

The prelude's bad spots are of course the rear quarter panels bubbling, and the area around the rear wheel wells. I figure if I plan on having that (Professionally) repainted in spring, then it could make it through one more.

I'm in the process of giving it an overall tune up while fall is still warm. I just want to know what can I do to protect the paint as much as I can? The prelude is really about 95% rust free. the paint isn't perfect being about a 7.5 or 8/10 but it is original and I just want it looking good for a bit more.

So far I've looked into a high quality polymer sealant, but what I'm looking for is info on how to protect the frame from rust.

The end of the month the prelude is going to get an after winter present early. (they aren't going on the car till spring though).

- Ground Control coilovers kit
- 17x7 5zigen FN0RC-1's (Black with polished lip)
- new set of General UHP's (they are affordable and I've had good luck with them)

Thanks for the input everyone.

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I know this is a prelude forum, but i recommend visiting A bunch of guys winterize thier z's every year and you can find some good info over there.
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