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I've got a 3rd Gen '90 Prelude SI ALB.

So, here's what's been happening. When I pull the lever to make the windshield fluid come out of its two holes, a little bit hits the windshield and then its gone.

My mechanic checked the motor and found that to be OK. He tested it by feeding power to it and it shot the water out just fine.

Next, he took the steering wheel column apart and he told me it was a mess in there and that it could be that problem. So I bought a new one from and had it installed and it didn't solve the issue.

I then told him that there are 3 problems in that area:

A) Washer Fluid doesn't come up (it makes the wheen noise, but no or little fluid makes it to the windshield)
B) Intermittent Function doesn't work
C) Quick Wiper Function (the one where you press it down and it's supposed to wipe your windshield once and then go back to the beginning) ... right now if you press it and let it go, it will stop, so if I let it go now, it will stop in the middle, until I press it again.

So, he thought, it is probably the controller box that controls not only that function, but the interior dome light, the ignition key bell, the seatbelt bell, etc. He opened it and found a big black hole in it with some nasty smoke. So, he got one from the junk yard (for $120!!!) and made sure that it was working (the junk yard guys checked it out). He installed it. It was working for a minute and then a loud noise occurred and nasty burn smell. He opened it up and this time the black hole occurred elsewhere in the board.

I concluded it to be a major electrical problem, anyone know a good electrician mechanic that knows Honda Preludes well that doesn't charge so much and can fix it? I prefer Orange County, CA and South Bay, CA area. But, anywhere is cool...

-- Rick
'90 Honda Prelude SI ALB
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