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Hey everyone!!! After making a lot of research on the net I read that you could use newspaper to clean your windows (you know, even though you just cleaned your windows, there are always some sort of stains when your windows are wet or humid (like when you pass a wet towel on them) Well now I'm so happy those stains are GONE !!! With FREE LOCAL NEWSPAPER ! This makes visibility so much better when it's raining ! (Do just half of your windshield so you can compare the results!)

All you gotta do is make a small ball of newspaper, wet it a little bit and start buffing your windows with it. Just keep on buffing at the same spot until stains go away (works better when paper starts to dry) Then I just use Stoner's Invisible glass to finish the job without any streak, but I guess any good window cleaner should now do the job since the hardest part has been taken care of with the newspaper ;).

Anyway, just thought I should share this with Prelude owners. Give me some feedback on how it worked out for you! C ya ! Good buffing !

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