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Will H22 type s pistons fit in my H23 block with out any major modifications

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In other words is it a direct replacement or the same bore size?
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I don't think so, but I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure VTEC heads squirt oil onto the pistons but not positive. I was wondering the same thing. There are some JDM pistons on sale for 250 shipped I was looking at, but wasn't sure if they dropped in. I also don't know if they'll fit the rods.

On another note, you have pics of your car? I've been looking for some pics of a red fourth gen with a CF hood.

Are you the one trying to make "the fastest Prelude in the world?" I think one of your boys was talking about it. How's everything going with that?

O yeah Im the one with the friend Im helping build the fastest Lude in the world, dont know if its gonna happen cause hes ornary about suspension setups, but it should have between 500-600 HP, anyways I have a Red 92 Si with a Red Carbon Fiber Hood, I was looking at the same pistons you probably were, on the, I dont have any pics right now, but hope to soon if you here anything let me know
I was looking in my Chiltons today at other stuff and noted that the h22 and h23 have the same bore. The stroke is longer on a h23. Your piston supplier should know what will work with what.

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jpprelude, are those pistons for sale on the net?

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I think they would fit... but your would need the definately check the valve clearance and maybe compensate with the rod length.

I could be wrong though.
here you go

he wants 250 shipped anywhere.

It's on T.O.O.

HOpe this helps you out.

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yes type-s pistons will fit
What about piston height? You would have to check that as well as piston/valve clearance.

If the bores are the same, you will okay as far as that's concerned.

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