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Who actually adjusts their coilovers?

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im about to drop my car, and am looking at groundcontrol coilovers since there is a groupbuy for about 330. but im wondering if ppl acutally adjust their ride heights that often because if not, why not just settle for a nice set of springs?

also, has anyone had any experiences with neuspeed racing springs? (ive already read the review at eibach prokits or sportlines?

power to the preludes!
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i dont think i would adjust my coilovers if i had them.. that's why i got springs.
I never thought it would be such a ***** to do when I got them. I'm not sure about the others with the SH but if mine are near perfect from corner to corner I trip a damm ATTS light. However I was afraid of getting springs and NOT having a level ride height and then being stuck with it. I'd never go with just springs for that reason. I'm really anal about stuff like that.
How long does it take to adjust all four?

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by azninvazion:
How long does it take to adjust all four?
Maybe like 30 minutes......depends on if your collars are seized or not.
I actually adjust mine a little (and how lazy I feel) from season to season. I raise it up a 1/2 inch or so during the winter season because of all the additional junk that will be on the ground.

If you want to race you may want to do this as well. It gives you a better stance and allows you to cornerweight (more close to perfect balance) the car as well. I'm sure someone will eventually pop in here and say what they've found the optimum height reduction to be on the Prelude. I think what I've heard is about 1.5-1.75"

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