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Which would you do?

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Which would you take (basically the price limit here is $35000):
2001 S2000
1997-1998 Supra TT
E36 BMW M3
1997-1999 Corvette

or go cheap and buy out the Prelude (1998 base) for $14000

Also, let me know if there are any cars that should be on the list that I left off. I really don't want a used car that has more than 30,000 miles.
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my vote is either supra TT if you can find one or a rx-7 tt. if not, then just get a new s2000
What are you going to use the car for? Daily driving? If so, stay away from the RX7, very maintenance intensive. If it's a weekend car, by all means go for the RX7.

The M3 is also very, very nice. A few issues, but nothing major.

The Supra is good for daily driving and drag racing. I bit portly for autocross or road racing, but a very capable car.

I like the S2000 very, very much. Good for autocrossing and road racing. I just wish it had some more torque. Can't beat it for looks though!

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Ohhh, this would be a daily driver for me.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by drock512:
Which would you take (basically the price limit here is $35000):
2001 S2000
1997-1998 Supra TT
E36 BMW M3
1997-1999 Corvette

-Used NSX
-Supra TT


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If it's going to be a daily driver, I'd get the M3. It's roomy enough for 4 and has a real trunk. It's the slowest car of the 4 you mentioned but it's still pretty quick.

If you're tall, you might have problems fitting in the S2000 or Supra. I'm 6'0 (long torso) and I had the seat all the way back when I drove a friend's S2000. When I sat in a Supra, my head was up against the roof.
Depends on what u use the car for
But assuming it's a daily driver/wknd warrior, I'll say #1.MKIV #2 M3

Another suggestion I have is the Audi S4, the fastest 4dr behind the M5. 4WD, Bi-Turbo, and u can mod the S4 like crazy.

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WOW somehow I manage to have something against all those cars. I think I'm just too pick. I like the S4 suggestion, it's a beautiful car.


yes, i would also agree with going for an Audi S4.

u get the twin turbo capability of a supra, the luxury and class of a bimmer and the performance of the corvette if u fix up your turbo (which isnt hard to get alot gains from). PLUS its the perfect daily driver car with 4 doors!

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I like the s4 idea the best.

They are kinda heavy, but still an impressively fast car... thats very luxurious.

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If this is a daily driver, I would go with the M3.
It has plenty of room, has a usable trunk, classic styling that will always be in style, and in regards to performance, it may not be the fastest, but it demands respect!
Personally for me, I would go with the Audi S4 if it were a choice.
You just can't beat Quattro!

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Dude, save your money for 1 year....then buy a used 2001 M3

Best Handling car in the world right now and with 333 hp....torque curve as flat as Kansas....I think it's $45,000 NEW....but in a year you could afford it.

Just try not to spouge on the windshield when you get it.
If you're smart, you'll buy out the Lude. Slowest car on the list, but you can save your money for something faster, later. Do yourself and the world a favor and go for the option that DOESN'T require a loan.

Besides, it's always nice to know you're not really paying another $5k or more for the priveledge of having a car. Don't give the dealer (or your bank) any money you don't have to.
get the m3, can't go wrong with a car that was named "best handling car over 30k" a few yrs ago...
Few more questions........can you deal with higher insurance? Also is theft an issue in your area?
I say get this car

Too bad it's a slush box.


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Yeah. did you know the Lexus SC300 has the same engine as the NA Supra? That means you can throw a turbo (or twin turbos) and have the luxury of a Lexus with the performance of a Supra TT+++.

If it were my choice though, I'd get a '95 M3 with low mileage and mod it. Then I'd save the rest.

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