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Which shift knob will fit/look better?

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I love the Momo Race Air Leather Aluminum shift knob. However i don't know whether I should get the standard one, or the new 'S' model which has a shorter but wider neck. Any suggestions?

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Any MOMO knob is sweet, but i'm partial to the race air leather cuz it's the one i have too...make sure you get the boot too...i think the right one is the 'performance' boot.
So i take it that you cannot use the original OEM boot with the Momo shift knob? I was just going to crazy glue it under the knob.
I have the momo combat and I just used some velcro withe the stock boot. You can't see the velcro at all and it looks clean. Sorry no digital camera to post a pick.
The MOMO knobs and boots work very well together...the boot comes with a ring that screws to the bottom of the knob that you use to hold up the boot. If you gonna get a nice knob go ahead and spend another $50 for a nice leather boot. Whatever you do, do not get the elegance boot...get the performance.
Sounds good. May I ask where you bought the boot from? The store I went to only carries the knobs, so I might as well buy them together and have them shipped to my house.

I unfortunately got the boot from only carry the elegance boot which is too small for the 5gen boot frame....after some cutting and fitting i finally got it to work. I heard the performance boot is the one you want to get...don't know where to get it, just do a search.
I have the Momo Cobra carbon/aluminum shifter & boot. I got them both from The boot is of much better quality than stock, and works well w/ the Momo shifter. I would highly reccomend getting the boot along w/ the shifter.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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