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i am in the market for a new car, and i was planning to get the rsx but now lookin at it its kinda disapointing. Also the stock market is crappy. thus i have decided to look for a used car for now or ill settle on gettin a new one either rsx, prelude,accord v6 or the celica.
Where can i look to find used cars in LA
Im thinking of the new model preludes or gsr.
but my friend told me that the h22a has many problems so i thought bout the eclipe gst
but someone told me that it had alot of problems too

so what do u guys suggest for me
since its used im lookin at arround 15k

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I'll even drive it down to you from the SF Bay Area!
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not so sure about the Eclipse GST or GS's, i've heard that they have really weak tranny's

to bad your friend didn't say what was bad about Ludes cause i can't think of any. other than the shock-knock TSB.

Accord V6 are actually kinda slower than a stock Lude due to the Auto Tranny. (no sticks available)

GSR is a good choice. lots of aftermarket available. but have you noticed how many hooked up GSR's there are around?

but as far as the Celicas, if your talking about the newer ones. i hear they have potential. but IMO the body styling is fugly as hell. if you buy one i will laugh at you

try searching for cars on or
or for new cars try

and don't even mention Hyundai

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