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Where can I get a BOSCH FUEL PUMP ??

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I'm customizing a turbo for my car and need a fuel pump. Any ideas?

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You can get one from endyn...or you can get a uesd one from a guy on read the FI forum. I bought one from him for $85.

Good luck buying anything from Endyn.

I emailed them when I was buying a quaife... no response... emailed them when I was buying a flywheel and clutch... no response... emailed them to buy a fuel pump... no response.

It's a damn good thing they're "not in this to make money". I guess that's what happens when demand exceeds supply...
BTW, I've got one you can buy... it's used though, and not modified to go in-tank. Other than that, works great.
That fuel pump is for an integra.....
Does it matter? Will it fit ok?
Yea, mine is from the guy Pure Lude is talking about. I've just never put it on. That guy goes by something like turboteg or something. I might go take a picture of it later if I get bored.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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