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Wheel Space for RH C2?

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My friend just bought used Racing Harts C2. We have a debate on wheel space for the hub. I would recommend him wheel spacer of 3 mm for the front and none for the rear. Is this the correct recommendation for 18 x 7.5?

The wheel spacer is to keep the wheel from wobbling correct (small ring around the wheel hub)?
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Not sure, I have them on all four wheels though......they are all flush though.....I've never heard of them coming in different sizes.
a wheel spacer is differently than a seem to be describing each as if they are the same!

a wheels spacer can be bought in thicknesses and mount in between the wheel and rotor...this effectively lowers the wheel offset so the wheels end up sticking farther out.

a hubring does not mount in between the wheel and mounts in the dead space shaved out of the back of the wheel face. this device should fit tightly in there and around the hub...this is what keeps the wheel from wobbling. ever heard of hubcentric mounting (vs. lug-centric)?
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