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Wheel offset?

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If going to a 7 inch widw wheel, what offset do I want? Do I want more or less than the stock offset? Stock is +55 right?
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Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think the stock offset is 50.
The stock is +55 on a 6.5 inch rim. With a 7" wheel you could go with +44 or higher.

I am running +42 and so far no rubbing, but I am not lowered yet. Some people say they rub with +42 and others say they don't. Just to be sure, I would run higher than +42.
Stock offset is 55mm. Something around 50mm to 45mm should work fine.

I have 15 x 7 race wheels with +45mm offset. I run 225/50/15 on the track, and I don't have any rubbing problems. The tires rubbed on that little inner piece of the rear bumper, but you can't see it, so you can trim the piece off.

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I'd shoot for +44 or higher on a 7" wide wheel.
I thought I read in one of the posts a little while back that 17x7 wheels could run on an offset of +40 and still be fine (no rubbing) assuming you aren't running on tires wider than 215's. This includes having the car lowered. Anyone have experience with this offset?


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16 x 7 on an offset of +40 and stock size tires. Car is lowered Neuspeed SPort on Koni shocks. 5th gen. Camber kits front and rear and yes the plastic nubs have to be cut away from the bumper cover. Otherwise, not problems
I just installed 17 X 7 with a 40 offset with 215/50ZR/17 Toyo Proxes TS-1. My car isn't lowered and with this set. I could not lower any more than an inch, if that. I love the more aggressive look, and don't intend to lower. Western NY is not cooperative with low profile tires or low cars.
Hey wreckdiver,

Just so I understand fully, why can't you lower more than 1"? Is it because of the Western NY roads or because the +40 offset makes wheel/tire combo stick out too far and hit the fenders?


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