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whats a 5 angle valve job

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what is it?
what's the purpose of doing it?
And does it cost a crap load of money??? do you get those smily faces?

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It is the valve seat that they are refereing to. The seat of the valve is the part of the valve/head that touch one another when the valve is closed.

Typically there are three angles on a valve.
Sometimes you can get five angles.
The "best" is a fully radiused seat.

The reason for multiple angles is because it improves airflow from the valve at partial lift.

Yes, valve jobs in general are expensive. Especially when doing it for performance.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by crazypinoy: do you get those smily faces?

When you are posting there is a little link that says "Smilies Legend". Click that.

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