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What would you delete...?

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If you could delete some equipment from your Lude, what would you get rid of? What could you live without?

Both bags
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I'd probably start with this post.

I could also live without the sunroof and cruise.

ABS is absolutely essential, as is the driver's airbag.
Sunroof (going soon)
cruise (already gone)
air bags (one gone, other going soon)
sound deadening (gone soon)

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How 'bout emissions equipment?
Cruise, never used it on a manual and never will.
I could do without an OBD2


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i'd get rid of my damn heated seats. waste of money. i'd rather have a cup holder that actually holds something.
I'd get rid of Cruise and OBD2... yeah I know that's not on the list.

The moonroof is just too cool, ABS is essential and the only reason I'll never get an aftermarket steering wheel is the airbags.

As for heated seats? Can't part with that in a Canadian winter

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Carisear:
i'd get rid of my damn heated seats. waste of money. </font>
I'd love have your heated seats, gets cold here in the winter...especially with leather seats....BRRR

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Cruise control and ABS

I don't care what anyone says about ABS the system in our car sucks. I can EASILY out brake our ABS system but using the "squeeze" method. When there's packed snow or ice on the groud if I let my ABS do the stopping I'd be dead or without a car.....I simply think it blows! As for cruise I use it from time to time but if it didn't come with it I would've never missed it.
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