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What type of camber kit?

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I know a lot of you guys have camber kits. Can you guys give me some advice as to what kind I should get? Anything such as price and ease of install and adjustment would be greatly appreciated. I also know about the Ingalls GB.

Thank you
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do a search on "camber kit" and it should answer your question.
I have but wanted to see what people had to say about installs.

wut up jp...

put me down for a NO GO on the ingalls. they are poop yo. i gotta get a kit too, i tried asking and no one had any input. i searched as well and everyone kept talking ish't about ingalls...4th genners anywho.

im told to check out specialty products or whatever...their design is like the cam lobe design in our se-r.

side note:

i still dont have vtec, but i ran a 15.6 last friday. now for my excuses...

i didn't power shift, shifted at just under 7k with p14 ecu, bogged off the line, 60' was a sh*tty 2.5, my best 60' of the day was 2.2 just not on that run.

i was talking to the lead tech at honda and he said im probably running at less than 140hp as vtec adds around 60hp, so he i KNOW i'll be hittin some nice 14's when i get my vtec runnin!! im also gettin a p13 pretty soon

don't touch me . . .

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i have progress kit in front and ingalls in rear. I dont have any complaints with either one..they both work great for me!

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I know is that pete backs up the Skunk2 kit. He said that they were alot stronger than the ingalls... and also said the ingalls sucked.

I dont know all the details on why he prefers the Skunk2 camber kit, but you should post this question on the egrouptoo.
Thanks man. I've tried to post but work won't let me. I forgot about it at home.

hmmm... Does Skunk make Camber kits for our cars?

What up Vern? Sorry to hear about your non VTEC JDM VTEC. What's the hold up on the power? Pretty good times though.

Yeah, it's a no go on the skunk camber kit for ludes. Either progress or ingalls I guess.


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Thanks, that's what I thought.

Stupid a$$ Prelude. I'm sick of no choice... sorry, got carried away.

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