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What separates fit 5G prelude?

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When I was tinting my car today, I noticed that there was a lot of space for a larger (deeper) tweeter and a place for a crossover. Now about the mids, what brand speakers will fit in the stock position? I don't like to cut the brackets or do any fabricating. I would consider MB Quart, A/D/S/, or Boston Acoustics.

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Trust me WANT to cut that basket out!

Just for reference take a look at this:

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Joon is basically right. Anything that's going to sound better than stock is also going to be larger. When I used to work in audio the installers swore they could make anything fit anywhere provided it was car audio! Anyway you'll have to cut the baskets but it's no big deal. Personally I'm going with Diamond Audio. Goodluck!


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