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rotorless rotorite :(
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Islander9407 said:

What's the difference between the .63 A/R Exh. housing and the .62 A/R Exh. housing?
I think you meant .63 and .82 A/R, I'm talking about the turbine fans.

A smaller A/R (.63) will have less lag and will hit full boost sooner but power *could* start to taper off at upper RPMs.

A bigger A/R (.82) will have just a little more lag and it will hit full boost a little later but it will still continue to *make power* in the upper RPMs, but if its too big you may not even reach full boost

I haven't talked to anyone that has run with a .82 A/R Turbine yet so I would try to find one if I was you.

Islander9407 said:
What about the TO4E 57 trim compressor?
Because with the goals that you had in mind, the compressor would work the best is the T04E 54. You *can* use the T04E 57 BUT the air temperature for the 57 will be a lot hotter than the 54. Whenever you compress air you raise the air temperature by a certain amount. The efficiency % of a compressor is what determines how much the air is heated up.

a 54 trim at 8000 RPM and 16 PSI = 74% efficiency
a 57 trim at 8000 RPM and 16 PSI = 65% efficiency

the higher the compressor efficiency % the less the air is heated up. So yes you can use the 57 as well but I dont think you will make as much power in the upper RPMS if you stay at 12/16 PSI.
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