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what is a good way to paint the plastic peice around the gauges

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i want to paint the plastic piece that gos around the guages. u know what imean. not theactual thing the guages sit in but the thing that is held on by 2 screws infront. anyways what is the best way to paint it. does anyone know any good products and the steps needed to paint it and do an nicejob. any pics
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I did it. Very easy. Just get the spray paint, in the color your choice. and some clear coat. Take out the guage cluster, be very careful as to not touch the needles. Take off the plastic thingy, and paint on a few coats with some clear coat. Done deal. Very easy. I did mine in Crystal Blue, it looks nice with the white/indigloe guages.
sup bro. does the outcomelook nice or can u see ay streeks. also how did u let it dry out. did u use like a hairdryer or something. also did u just set it down or hang it up or what. i just don't want any streeks or anything like tat to make the paint look bad. also can u post up some pics
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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