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What should my engine sound like when it's about to detonate?

My car is entirely stock. I've been racing alot lately, almost every single day now for this week and every since the snow melted. My battery light and oil light is coming on and I hear this pinging sound. I'm not exactly sure if that's what the sound is. It's a light vibrating sound. It sounds like my engine is going to stall. Do any of you experience this before, and what exactly is happening? I'm so scared now. Never going to race every again. Please any help would be appreciated.

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Did you bother to check the oil level?

Sometimes you can hear detonation, and sometimes you can't. Sounds like someone hitting your block with a hammer. You will also notice a loss in power when the engine detonates. If your car is stock, I highly doubt it's detonating.

A friend of mine forgot to check his oil level and ran the car until the light came on. His car was making a HORRIBLE clanging and banging sound when he drove. He ran the oil level too low and spun a bearing. He also ruined a cylinder sleeve and piston. If you plan to race, you need to keep up with maintenance. Check EVERYTHING before any race.

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