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Weird rattling in 4th Gen

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Hey, do any of you 4th Gen owners get a rattling coming from out of the dash? Mine seems to rattle from the passenger side of the dash, I can't figure out what it is! I found the other rattle, it's the damn sunroof, I have to find some way to fix that one, but the annoying one is in the dash.

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Well, I don't have the dash one (yet), but I do have one in the headliner right above the passenger rear seat.. I'm gonna take it off and hope to eliminate that problem when it gets nice out.

As far as the sunroof.. well.. mine does too. I don't know where to start on that one. Except fill in the sunroof with sheet metal.


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Try lubricating the runners with WD40, I did it and it's been quiet ever since (6 months ago).

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