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Hey everyone first post here, Had the car 5 months now with no issues, (97 totally stock 206,000 km) I have had a few basic repairs done now (ball joints, tire rods and the like).

Just recently and much to my dismay my check engine light came on while I was driving home from work in the early morning. I noticed that the car had considerably less power on the highway.

Brought it to my mechanic and diagnosed the problem with the Vtec solenoid. Checked all the connections and wires and everything there was 100% operational. We adjusted the connectors and plugged it back in and went on a road test, and the vtec system was fine again and everything was running as normal.

That same night the light came on again, and again the car is not running the same on the high way. Way less power than normal.

Any ideas here on what could be the issue? I did a search but came up with nothing from here.

Thanks in advance
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