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Virginia Tidewater Honda/Acura Club

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Hello if your from the Tidewater/Hampton region of Virginia or North Carolina region and would be interest in meeting new people that love their Honda/Acura then you've come to the right place. Right now a group of us is working on making a Honda/Acura club and if you like to get involved go to this website.

This Saturday we are planning on getting a small meet at the Chesapeake Park south of GreenBrier Mall on GreenBrier Pkwy. There is a map on the website. It is currently schedule for 11am at the park. Even if your car don't have lots of mod don't feel intimidated and go. Invite any friends or people you know that love their Honda/Acura.
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hahah tell Crate that Ross with the silver lude said whats up. I might be coming down there this week to work at extreme.
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