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I upgraded to to the S3 and I have a rooted Galaxy Nexus for sale. I babied it and it was always in a TPU case. I had the screen protector on from the get go. The phone is really in great condition. It has a clean ESN and you should have no issues activating on the Verizon wireless network. I am looking to sell it for $300 plus shipping.

This includes:
-the phone
-standard samsung battery that came with the phone
-charger and cable
-TPU case
-the box for the phone

Not included:
-LTE SIM card. You should be able to get one from Verizon

Like I said before, the phone is rooted and it is running AOKP milestone 6. It runs flawlessly. If the buyer wants, I can revert back to the original configuration minus unrooting it. I don't know how to unroot and I don't want to bother looking it up. The great thing about having root is that you can run a tethering software, have custom ROM installed, and you can backup your entire phone.

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