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VA/MD/PA/DC Skyline Drive & BBQ - April 29, 2007!!!

Whats up everyone! Here is the Spring Meet we are putting together over at, scheduled for the 29th of April!! I wanted to post this up over here so that we can get more Luders out there! So far we have members bringing food and drinks etc.. so right now we need more cars... we have about 15 signed up already.

So, reply, sign up, and lets see everyone's cars out of hibernation!!!


What:’s 2nd Skyline Drive Cruise & BBQ!
When: April 29, 2007 (Sunday), Meet at Haymarket Food Lion at 11:00am!
Note: Rain date is May 6th just in case

We will meet at the Food Lion parking lot off Rt. 55 in downtown Haymarket, VA at 11:00am on April 29th.

Directions from I-66 West (coming from the Washington DC beltway, Fairfax, Manassas):
Take I-66 West to exit 40 (Rt. 15 Haymarket)
Turn Left on Rt. 15 South
Turn Left at the first light in front of the Sheetz.
The Food Lion will be immediately on the Right.

Directions from Richmond, VA beach, Points south:
Take I-95N to exit 152B (Rt. 234 Manassas/Dumfries)
Go under the overpass and proceed on Rt. 234 North
Stay straight on Rt. 234 North all the way to Rt. 66.
Merge onto Rt. 66 West
Take exit 40 (Rt. 15 Haymarket)
Turn Left on Rt. 15 South
Turn Left at the first light in front of the Sheetz.
The Food Lion will be immediately on the Right.

Here is the address of the Haymarket Food Lion if you want to mapquest it:
15201 Washington St
Haymarket, VA 20169
(703) 754-6034

To Sign Up:

* Read this ENTIRE thread first!
* Post in this thread
* List your First name
* List a +1 if you are bringing a passenger in your car
* Email me your cell phone number! ([email protected]) *Very important if you don’t want to get left behind if you’re running late!
* Let us know what food(s) you can bring for the BBQ.
* If you plan to bring friends who are not driving Preludes let them know that they will need to remain at the back of the line of cars when we’re cruising so that I can get mostly Preludes in the Video Footage I’m taking!

Skyline Drive information:
There is a $15 entrance fee per car to get into the park and skyline drive. Kind of steep but I think it’s worth it for the beauty and fun of the drive and you get to use the picnic areas (which we will).
The speed limit is 35 mph on Skyline Drive but there are plenty of curvy sections where we can have a little fun!

We will meet at Haymarket Food Lion at 11:00 AM.
We will depart around 11:30.
I will have everyone’s cell phone number to be sure that no one gets left behind!
It will take roughly 30 minutes to get to the entrance of Skyline Drive so we’ll have time on the caravan on Rt. 66 West to take some good pictures and video!
When we arrive at the entrance to the park we’ll all enter separately and then drive in separately and stop to wait for everyone at the first available turn off (overlook).
We’ll drive for an hour or so before stopping to eat at a large picnic area on top of a mountain.
From there we’ll drive for another 45 minutes south, before turning around and coming back up Skyline drive. We’ll stop at overlooks every 15-30 minutes or so to take pictures and take breaks. Total driving time on Skyline Drive will probably be around 3 hours or so. With stops you will only be driving 80 miles or so on the mountain.
We’ll return toward Washington DC and I-95 via Rt. 211 coming off the Blue Ridge Mountains. We’ll make one last stop in Warrenton, VA where everyone can leave on their own toward Rt. 66 or I-95 either by Rt. 29 or Rt. 17.

What to bring:

* Walkie Talkies (charged!)
* Cell Phone
* Full tank of gas (wait till Haymarket, it’s cheaper)
* Meat to BBQ, Buns, Snacks, Drinks (non-alcoholic), paper plates, forks, cups, napkins, etc. (let me know what you are bringing.
* Cooler for drinks and meat
* Wouldn’t hurt to bring a map of VA just in case. ]
* $15 cash entrance fee OR credit card for entrance fee.
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