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Selling a high-quality vintage car stereo external amplifier. This has 100w x 2 channels or 300w x 1 channel in bridged mode (@ 4 ohms). This is the RMS power output, not maximum. Maximum is even higher. These Infinity Kappa series amps from the late '90s were some of the best quality amps you could buy, and they still hold their own with some current production amps. In my opinion, they are made better than some of the newer crap that is being produced.

This can be used to power 1, 2 or more subs or a pair of high quality component speakers if you'd like. I no longer have a need for this as I am keeping my new vehicle's factory stereo system, but if I was still into aftermarket stereos I would definitely keep this because it is a great amp!

Asking $100 shipping included.


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