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u guys should check this car out...

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its nothing compared to our PRELUDES. even though a PRELUDE has alot less room. i dunno what times its running but i think my PRELUDE can beat it...(hope thats enough preludes make it not OT)
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There is NO WAY you would beat that Tahoe!!

I saw a Tahoe run at the track the other dau with just NOS (100 shot w/ plate) and he was running low low 14's all day. They get traction because they are so heavy.
An SUV is an SUV. No matter if it has a LS1 or a NASCAR Winston Cup motor. It look like and handle like an SUV. And did I mention "I hate SUVs."

RIP Dale #3
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That is an incredible feat. It's really hard to believe it actually runs that fast though, but I guess it is possible

95 Prelude VTEC
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Yeah I guess they could be fast. A good friend of my family has a Beverly Hills customized Blown Suburban. It's not near as fast as his AMG ML 55, but hey what can you do? It's not near as fast as his new 911 Turbo either though.


97 Prelude
see it
SHUT UP 14.6!!!!!!! you make me sick!!! lol

I hope to MAYBE hit a 14.9~!! shiiiiiiit

it says it runs 11' would tear us luders a new arse.
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