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tweaking suspension for best 1/4 times

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Does this stuff really make a difference?
Any suggestions? Should I crank my coilovers to full stiff? Lower the car even more? I know I should really invest in some good rubber, but is there anything i can do with my suspension to pull better 1/4 mile times?
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Unlike with RWD, you want the least weight transfer possible. That's achieved with a stiff suspension. So go ahead and crank up your coilovers to full stiffness.

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I hear that you want your rears really stiff, but I'm not sure about the front?

I heard something 'bout softening the front to get less wheel hop?
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Also, it helps if you rip a good one just before the light turns green.
stiffen up the rears soften up the fronts and lower your tire pressure.
someone once said to raise up the rear of your car and lower the front too. i'm not sure about all that.
Hey slacker. Remember me, black lude at 1st test & tune. How did you do on the 2nd T&T? I was going to go but I didn't wake up in time. Saw the other post that you got the aragosta suspension. That was an awesome deal. I would of got them if I had the money. hehe. Gotta check them out next time I see you.
As for the suspension tuning, I think you should try full stiff in front and least stiff in the back. Btw is aragosta's rebound and damping adjustable?
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by 99prelude:
stiffen up the rears soften up the fronts and lower your tire pressure.
someone once said to raise up the rear of your car and lower the front too. i'm not sure about all that.

true except for the tire pressure. doesn't that usually work better for slicks? i've heard of people that lower their PSI on their street tires and didn't notice any drop in their 1/4 time.

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fyi - I have gotten way better 1/4 times by NOT warming up my street tires. Each time I warmed them up I was in the mid 15's. Each time I didn't I was in the 14's. Not sure why though.
Hey Ghost. Yeah, the aragostas are very nice. 16 way dampening adjustable.

The 2nd t&t was ok, best time was still a [email protected] I think I was launching a little too high - I was getting a lot of wheel spin. Maybe I should give you my car next time, and see if you can get it into the 14s like yours. You coming to the street legals on April 6th at Mission?
Yup. I'm goin on the 6th. Have few new goodies to test out.

I think you just need to work on the launch a litle bit more. You definitely got the trap speed for 14s.
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Well, since we have a FF, we would want to transfer our weight to the front. Raise the back, lower the front and stiffen up the rears. You stiffen up the rears because you don't want your car to dip when you launch. As for the front dampening... I just set my to the stiffest, I'm not sure what it really should be set at though. I'm still experimenting. I haven't been to the track with an aftermarket suspension setup yet so I'm not sure if everything will actually drop my times because of the suspension setup or raise my time because of the added weight compared to stock.

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