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Turbo Talk....which turbo is the best for my application?

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I want to turbo my 97 Prelude, and run it on stock insides at about 7-8 psi. Which turbo would give the highest max hp (high end)?



Super 60 T3 Based
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Hello? I know there are more people here who know about these turbos than what I'm seeing.
Do a search. "Dr. James" and "DirtyLude" and a couple other guys on this board know their turbo "stuff". Just do a search for turbos or something.
I've tried that...c'mon people !! =)
Ok... The only diff between T3/04E & B spec is that the power delivery on the E is more of a spike and the B tends to be more linear. Depends on your preference & how you llike to drive. BOTH are better choices than the T3.

The T3 will spool up fast but run out of power quicker. I'm not sure what the "Super 60" part of the T3 is.....?
What driving habits would justify buying the E? What habits would justify buying the B?
Ha! I knew you were gonna ask that

If you like to drive a little more aggressive and love big spikes of power and spinning wheels, the E is better - just be ready if it kicks in in a corner.

If you still want a kick in the seat but more gradual and controllable get the B.

Peak Hp numbers should be the same for both. Both will spool up the same and come on at the same rpm - just that the B will deliver the power a little more evenly as the revs climb. The E will "blow it's load" quicker.

They are both great choices and you really can't go wrong with either.

Someone correct me if I'm off on this...
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So then for an SH, it would be better to get the B version so that the more linear curve will allow ATTS to do its thing.

This is just my opinion, but even with the B i think ATTS is gonna flip out if you really get on it. Even a mild turbo is going to substantially increase hp and surpass what the ATTS was designed for. No big deal, but eventually you're going to want to look at the Quaife LSD. The price on that has really come down. Was 805 a month or so ago...

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Would the ATTS go wacko on me at 260 hp?
Surely not that low hp.
i run a straight T3 on my accord motor. It already lags hard enough. doesnt really spool til 4300rpms. To my understanding, the smaller the turbo, the quicker itll spool, resulting in more low end torque. ITll also have less top end.

My t3 is way too phuckin big for my accord. It has MAAAD top end, but im playing the catch up game usually when I drag race (very rare that i do). The DRAG kits now come with T3. I have a DRAG 2 kit, the T3 is so big it already indented the underside of my hood. I guess cause the motor torques.....hope this info helps...
Thanks for the info guys, but let me ask you this. Running at 7-8 psi, which of the 3 turbos mentioned here would give the best high end power?

Super 60 T3

Remember now, we're only running 7-8 psi on a 2.2 liter engine.
just a thought... have you called up turbonetics and talked to one of their people? they should be able to help you figure out what you need.
i need to know this too!!! so if anyone can answer this i would greatly appreciate this!!!
I suggest calling majestic turbo and talking to them. Tell them what your setup is and how much power you want to make, and they will suggest a turbo for you. I would definitely not get a straight t3 - that is too small for out motors. And migs, if your t3 isnt even spooling until 4300, I would say something is wrong.
the e is a bigger turbo, so it takes a little longer to spool. but it can give you more power than the b, and the spool time can be reduced (a little) by messing with your trim sizes, and can be reduced a lot by upgrading to a ball bearing. the problemis that a b can hardly fit as it is, and an e is the tightest squeeze possible, considering that its bigger.

more power = e
faster boosting = b
not worth it = t3

ive asked around about this for a while and im pretty sure thats right. thats why im getting a ballbearing t3/t4e
I had a T3/T04E Before and loved it. I have an accord tranny instead of the lude SH tranny now, so I can't tell you if you'll have problems with ATTS Acting up or not. It started spooling about 3300, and full boost by 4000 or so......It is what I would go with, but try calling a shop to find out more abut your ATTS Acting up if you go with a turbo.
Actually, the B trim is more peaky and the E is more linear. Ask Dr. James on that one- he will tell you the same. E is a better choice over the B trim for street cars.
Or get real nuts and try a T60-1:D They are great for the H22, but if you want a car that doesn't have alot of lag, and you rarely if ever drag race, then the t3 super 60 is a great choice. T3/T4E is a great choice for all around performance. You can pull some serious power out of them, and they power delivery is very linear. If you like a huge spike and the push your ass in the seat, light switch kind of power then the B is most likely for you. Don't forget that even if you get all the best components in the world, nothing can replace good tuning. I say call Turbonetics and talk to a rep. They can really help you pick the right turbo for you. Don't just buy one from DRAG or FMAX, or off Ebay etc. Get one custom built for your specific needs.
ok, so i have a 92 lude.. built block(not in car yet..) new JE pistons.. probe industries rods, brand new crank, new bearings, sleeved h23, PnP head, upgraded fuel, and a quaife..
i am definetly going turbo.. what turbo should i use? i am considering the super 60 and t04e.. but don't know why i should use either of them.. i know about supra turbo's.. lol but still learning about the small ones...

i plan to drag race on the street(no flames please..) and on the strip.. looking for around 300-350 horse.. but i still want the turbo to start spooling semi 3500ish.. and be peaked at 4.. is that even possible? everyone i have tlaked to says just to get the t3/t04e and get it over with.. but if something is gonig to work better, i'd like to use that diff.
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