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turbo and header ques

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aight this is my first time to post here...i just jumped over from sho so please be gentle.

ok here it is...

i don't know isht bout turbo'ing a car.
but i do wanna go turbo, i was bout to go and buy some dc headers from my 4gen... is that gonna mix well with tha turbo? or if i buy it am i gonna have to get rid of them later when i go turbo?

if headers is a bad idea...then im just gonna go msd and drop my car
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If you were to get a turbo for your car you would take the header off and not use it. It would be replaced with a turbo manifold.

So, to answer your question... if you're really considering a turbo it would be a waste of money. Not to be too harsh, but it sounds like you've got a lot of researching to do before you should consider the turbo.
yea i know i don't kknow much bout it...
thanx for tha reply tho
Read this link....and pay SPECIAL ATTENTION to what Dr. James has to say about half way down. He turbo-ed his 4th Gen Prelude and it was bad as hell.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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