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Okay here's the thing - I bought my car used at 53000 Km's which is about 33000 miles almost 2 years ago. It's closing in on 70000 now which is 43500 miles. I bought it from a Honda dealership and they said they did all the maintenace required for the car up until that point (which may or may not be true - you just never know but these guys have the best service department in Canada for Customer Satisfaction - or so their made up plaque says so

Anyway, here's the thing - aside from oil and filters, I haven't done anything with this car. What would be a good starting point to ensure I'm getting the most out of this car? As my other thread stated, I'm changing rims and tires so an alignment will probably be in order soon, but what else should I be concerned with (keeping in mind that I don't know for sure what was done to the car for the first 50000 kms). It runs fine, however I don't have anything to compare it to. Any suggestions?

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First I'd check what the scheduled maintenance at 45,000 miles is, here's what I can think of, though I'm not sure what you've done already:

1. flush radiator
2. maybe flush brake fluid
3. change clutch fluid
4. change trans. fluid
5. a valve adjustment might be good, though maybe not necessary
6. check the brake pads

I'm sure I'm missing stuff, best thing is to see what Honda suggests for the 45,000 mile point, and I think being in Canada, it'd be wise to follow the "severe conditions" schedule.
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