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I fixed all my interior rattles from using the help of TSB's. Thanks to 5Gen_Prelude w/o his sig I would have never found the TSB's=]

Most Common:

Sunroof Rattle for Both Closed and Opened
Closed Sunroof Squeaking
Partially Open Window Rattle
Squeaking From Center Console
Jingling Noise From The Rear
Rattle From the Rear Headliner
Jingling on The Left Side of the Dash
Squeaking Clutch Pedal


Rear View Mirror Reinstallation
Rearview Mirror Tension Adjustment
Loose Door Seal
Noise From Driver's Seat Track
Warped Console
Window Regulator Rattle
Wind Noise Near Door Mirror
Blower Noise

There are so many posts about interior noises so I decided to just collect all probable causes according to Honda into one post.

The Sunroof TSB finally cured my sunroof rattle :D

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It's there, but it says that Honda has restricted access to the bulletins. If I register, can I get access to them? Is that how you got your TSB's?

It's a V6, right??
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Great information thanks

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Good info. Luckily I don't have most of those!

2 things that do bug me though are the front and rear speakers - they both rattle pretty bad when playing music load, especially the rear deck. ANyone fixed these?
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