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I have had my Lude for almost a year now, and have just attended a NTPOG meet. Needless to say, I love it! I love meeting people with the same interests, and the same love for Ludes.

I have organized a successful Toyota meet before, so I know I can do this as well. I am hoping my prior experience will allow me to make this happen.

I was thinking of having the meet sometime this summer, but I do not want to put down a specific date, I want to see what people are down for. I was thinking at least a month after NPM, seeing as everyone might be a little strapped for cash and might not want to make a trip so soon after NPM.

The location I have in mind is in my own hometown, seeing as I know this area. reasons I did not pick a larger city. Pretty simple, NTPOG made it clear, meeting in Dallas makes things tough when trying to find a good place to eat/meet! The town I am talking about meeting in is Copperas Cove. We are in a centralized location, approximately an hour northwest of Austin. We are also adjacent to a larger town called Killeen.

I am looking to organize a large BBQ at the city park. It has plenty of room and you do not have to book an area. It is free to be used as you wish. In this way young children could also be brought along and would have something to do. Lots of playgrounds and stuff, basketball courts, volleyball(i think)... The park has LOTS of BBQ grills, so we can have several grills goin at once! :cool:

Pretty simple idea for the BBQ, it is also cheaper than going to a restaurant. I was thinking every pitches in about $5 per person they have. Total it up, make sure the money is accounted for, then me and a few other ludes make a food run to the local HEB. The town is small, but we do have a large HEB and a Super Wal Mart. About 26,000 people live here in Cove... Buy meats, breads, condiments, napkins, fruit, veggies, utensils, drinks, plates, charcoal, etc... Believe me, $5 per person is way cheaper than eating something like $8-12 at the local restaurant. Also food cooked by us will probably taste better. :bigthumb:

I will get pics of the park so people can see what I am talking about!

After getting our fill of food, we can then get some kind of organized photo shoot. Get the cars to line up and ready for the flash. I am hoping to get a pic of each car and it's owner in front of it, then post it up for all to see on the pages. I would also need the names of the people as well. I know this can be done. It has been done!

After the mega photoshoot, a run to the local car wash might be appropriate, if enough people want to do that. here are the pics of what the car wash looks like from the highway, it is brand new and pretty darn nice.

Sorry if the pics are not that great, I was driving while taking them. Also, with only $3 you can get a nice wash done!

I would then like to cruise from one end of Copperas Cove all the way to the other end of Killeen. Not a really long drive, it only takes 15-20 minutes to get to Killeen from the very end of Cove(which is where the park is). I would then take us back around, and end the cruise back in Cove. The drive is about as long as the cruise probably was in Dallas. Much more scenic. And if people stop and stare at your ride, there won't be any accidents or blocked ramps! ;)

The drive is nice too, pretty clear highway if we do it on a Sunday, not as clear on a Saturday. But definitely much clearer than the Sunday night traffic in Dallas, what was that all a out JP??? ;)

If this idea sounds totally doable please let me know. I am really anxious to possibly have this happen, JP told me to get this idea posted, and that if he has the time he would be there! So I hope the other NTPOG will accompany him! I also hope the other Prelude clubs around texas will be willing to make the drive.

Time from cities to Cove, varied, depending on traffic:

Dallas: 3-3.5 hours
Houston: 3.5-4 hours
San Antonio: 2-3 hours
Austin: 45mins - 1.5 hours

Please consider my idea. It would be a great thing to have all the Texas Prelude owners get together. Afterall, we do thing bigger in Texas right?

If you are interested but do not want to drive back the same day, and prefer to get a hotel(good way to convince the SO to let you go, spend a little alone time with em after the meet) I would be more than willing to try for a discount and get something together for that. I have also done that before. I have a friend that can get some coupons on the hotels as well to save some extra cash.

Thanks for reading,

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Armond - we usually do an annual event like this, called the South Central Prelude Meet. It was in Houston last year, and was in Austin the year before, and Dallas the first year. It generally does rotate around a bit as to location, so if you wanted to take the lead in organizing it, that would be cool, but there are a couple things to consider as far as location.

Having lived in the Killeen/Copperas Cove area(was stationed at Ft Hood for 2.5 yrs), I dont know that it has the appeal of the larger cities for some of the Texas Luders. SCPM is usually a full weekend event, starting Friday nite and ending sometime Sunday afternoon, last year there was a dyno day, a track day and some raffles/group party stuff goin on. For a one day event, getting someone to make the 3 hour drive is even more difficult. I understand you personally dont have a problem driving yourself, but thats not always the case with everyone else.

I dont want to sh!t on your idea, cause it has merit, but maybe the location could be rethought. Most all the people I know from larger cities that I have brought to the Ft Hood area described it as "BFE" no offense intended ;)

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No biggie bro, I wasn't organizing a weekend event, it was more of a one day thing. I understand the hwole thing with the one day drive. Hmmm, could be a prob. I have no problem working something out with perhaps Austin or San Antonio.

But then of course organizing it could not really be left in my hands, seeing as I do not live in those areas. I have been there plenty, but do not "know" the area.

And this area is BFE. But when I went to Dallas they were trying to figure out a better location to meet I guess, it was getting boring to eat there and I guess it was really busy at the area they were in. I had no personal prob, but I can see what they meant. Even on a Sunday, traffic was oddly high.

But yeah man, perhaps an Austin set up? Maybe you could lend me a helping hand in this one? Or the other way around. But I have NO problems moving it to Austin or another city. I would however like to take part in the organization, so closer would be better for me. At least in Austin I can take a 45-60 min drive to scout it out for a day with an Austinite.

What you think?
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