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To those with H&R sport springs on a 5th gen

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Can you post pics of your drop? If you have a RS kit, even better. Get a shot of the front get a close up of the wheel gap also. I want to see if my height is the same as yours. I'm kind of worried that I didn't set my koni shocks on the right clip when I installed it. I'm not sure if it's just me but I'm thinking that it's too low. I wanna raise it up a little if I did set it on the wrong clip. I'm not getting much clearance and it's a pain in the ass to take it all apart just to see. Thanks
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Hm... I don't have a pic of my car when it had the H&R's... but I don't think I noticed any height difference when I put on the H&R's... maybe there was a difference, but didn't notice it or something because it still looked pretty high off the ground.

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You can tell by the wheel gap. I think I have like absolutely no wheel gap in the front. I know the front is a little lower than the back. With RS front, I have about a 3-4 inch clearance off the ground. Anyone with eibach prokit and RS front also? The drop should be about the same on both of them. How much clearance are you getting?
i'm wondering too what it looks like with an rs kit....i have one on my 4th gen and i'm wondering how much clearance i'll have with h&r's
Looking at superfleajq's drop mine looks like it dropped lower. Although I can't say for sure since the view is at an angle, it seems that you you have a little wheel gap while mine's is pretty much tucked in there. I guess Imma have to tear that sucker apart and have a look
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how's your ride superflea? i'm thinking about getting either h&r's or tanabe super h's
that's a make shift site that has pictures of my car with WW RS kit, and H&R with stock shocks and 18's with 35 profile tires. BTW, were you talking about a 5th GEN or a 4th GEN? cuz mine is a 5th GEN
I have H&R sports about 1.5 finger gap in front 2 finger gap in rear


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