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To everyone who should read this and especially Dr.James!!!

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I just test drove a S4 yesterday and a new M3 today, KICK ASS. Though the S4 is kinda slow, is not what really as fast as ppl say. 1st and 2nd gear pull quite strong, though at the end of 3rd gear it goes kinda weak and the car doesn't really want to accelrate at that point. We took that car up to around 150kph. My friend took it up to 180. Also the shifter is very long and numb, not that nice of the shifter, but still very nice.

Anyways, big news, the new M3 i test drove it, just 2 words, Holy Fcuk!!

Very very very nice inside, and the power is never ending. The car have like i 8-85k rpm red line and it go by boxes displaying that if the car is warm up or not. The shifter is kinda long but it is very precise. Very luxery and comfortable. Nice seats with 3 memory and o yeah about the power.

Power comes on very quick, lots of torque, and 3rd gear pull from 50km will go up to 150 in a couple of heart beat. Just is a feeling hard to explain, u gota really test drive it to really fully appericate it.

Next week, i will test drive the WRX on Monday.
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Lucky Bastard!!

All i got was to touch the exterior of the M and i was all excitied...u bastard!!


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You are both lucky. They don't have dealerships anywhere close to me to even look at them.
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Damn it, i want to trade in the M Coupe for the new M3, i m going to another dealership tomorwor and see how much will i get back from the M Coupe and get M3

U know those power..holy fcuk, is soooooo good. Damn it, after a drive, i mean even driving the M Coupe always give me a smile, but sitting in the new M3 is already giving me a smile, and then driving it is a very very very big happy smile that will bring the child out of u, and u will really laugh like a idiot, cuz is that fun to drive. The car can coner on rails, and damn, the clutch is ever sooooooo good. Is so tempting, and after a drive, u will go speechless. U think C5 is good, yeah, but think about the quality in the C5, is pretty $hitty. The M3 have everything in terms of techology and luxery that surpass the C5 in any way, is just sooooo good.

Damn Dr.James is so lucky

O yeah, just to remind u guys, Road & Track test drove the M3 and go 1/4 mile in 13.3 just .3 sec behind C5 Z06, pretty cool hey.

And i can certainly feel that speed.

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Where did you find an M3 in Coquitlam?
Test drive is in Richmond Auto West, we need deposite, but we know the manager there, so lucky us. Otherwise, u need to leave down a deposite.
yeah my friend test drove the M3 and said it was amazing, the wait for one is long though.
It is a 1 year waiting list, but is all worth it.
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH M3!!!!!!!!! ....excuse me while i go get some napkins to wipe up my drool...............

"drive fast, be yorself, and party till she's cute!

Originally posted by some canadian guy:
Like I said, Road trip - baseball bat
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