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to all those with koni yellows

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put your settings up i want to know what i should use for daily driving and have to ability to corner well.

umm how about 1 turn = 1 full turn.

thanks guys, just got my koni's the other day. cant wait to put them on

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Enough with the Koni yellow threads!!

1 full turn is perfect for street driving.
You're just going to have to figure it out for yourself after you get them installed, because different settings are subjective depending on local road conditions and personal preference. But if you just can't wait, here ya go: (Keep in mind there are only 3 settings.)

1 turn: is FULL FIRMNESS. There is no setting past one full turn. This is NOT recommended for commuting or regular street driving. Your chassis will creak and groan over driveway entrances and rattle over potholes. This setting is for auto crossing or for scaring the crap outta your friends on your local freeway cloverleaf!
It is firm as hell and there is hardly any damping. Fun on smooth pavement, hell on anything else.

Fully clockwise or 0 turns: is the softest setting. It's more aggressive than the stock suspension but very close in ride comfort. This setting is recommended if you have to drive on really crappy rutted roads (I use this setting for when I go downtown.)

1/2 turn: I have found to be the perfect balance. You get firmness similar to the firmest setting but you get enough damping for the occasional bump or rut. This is my recommended setting.

So, um, there ya go. Take from this what you can.


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Are the yellow Konis "better" than bilsteins, due to their adjustibility? I want to get new shocks for my brick, and i hear a lot of talk from both Koni and Bilstein advocates. I just wanna know what you guys think.
are you sure it's 1 turn only?.. i was told it was 2 turns..

1 full turn in each direction.
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