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There are a lot of 4th gen owners like me here where spare parts are close to nothing. That leads us to buy online which I make my personal recommendation:

I own a 92 prelude and I am satisfied with the service of which I bought recently a Clutch Kit and a Kit of Cylinder Head Gasket Set to refurbish containing:

1 cylinder head gasket,
1 valve cover gasket,
1 intake manifold gasket,
1 exhaust manifold gasket,
3 exhaust pipe gaskets,
3 soft gaskets,
4 cover bolt gaskets,
16 valve stem seals,
26 rubber seals,
1 oil seal,
4 spark plug seals,
3 upper intake manifolds

for the price of $58.63 + shipping fee and state taxes. If there are other Filipino forumers here, I recommend the site as their operators are the friendliest and you can ask parts available for you prelude.

Do ask first and inquire if the parts you are looking at the site is available. :)
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