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Suspension Technique Rear-Sway Bar

Installation: Go do a search. :D

Day 1 (Installed) :
So after installation, I decided to take it for a drive.
Well DAMN IT, it was raining. Road was wet. I tried few curves that aren't too "curvy".
I couldn't really tell the difference as my car was skidding.
However, I did notice slight "tightness" when turning, but i decided I should wait for clear day for test drive.

Day 2 (clear weather, dry road) :
THIS IS WHERE IT SHINES!! oh my. I don't know how I took corners without ST rear sway.
Car feels completely different when taking hard corners.
Body roll is decreased amazingly, chassis feels tight, car carves through the corners.
Local curvy roads I used to turn around 40mph.. I realized myself going 45..50..55..
such a great feeling.
As I was keep on getting amazed, I was asking myself, " why didnt I get this before?"

I am one happy man.
Overall, $136 bucks well spent. :bigthumb:


Day 3 (even better day to drive) :
Went to my usual "handling test road" area as weather and road condition is awesome.
Understeer is noticibly decreased. It feels like sometimes my rear wants to slide.
Which might be a slight exaggeration caused by my "amazed feeling" towards ST,
but I stand correct. Difference is noticible everytime you turn.
Again... Im loving this sway.

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Discussion Starter #4 has it for $136 shipped.
Its a random site I found while im searching for a good price.
They have good deals on ST stuff as they said they are distributor for ST.
which I think its bullsh1t, but I got my stuff right in timely fashion.
I highly recommand you call them and order, and constantly check back.
As they aren't a huge company, they don't have the best service honestly.

MrBB6, go for it bro. Progress or ST. From reviews from other members, Progress
is definitely better than ST. however, if you aren't a SERIOUS auto-x/track driver,
I think ST does the job for minor auto-Xs and street fun.
Its something you can definitely tell after you get it. I don't know how I stood against stock suspension.

As for install, I was too lazy to jack up my car and do everything.
I just finished bodykit install by myself few days before, and I was just tired from working on the car.
I paid 30 bucks for my local shop to do it, and while he was at it, I was watching next to him so I have an idea of what its like, so I can take it off when I sell the car.
Installation seems like breeze like everyone who installed it by themselves said.
Just make sure you have ALL the tools mentioned in NTPOG DIY link.
Once you get your stock sway off, its all green from there. Nothing will stop you. :D
Easy stuff. Now that I think about it, I should've saved myself 30 bux and did it myself.
Oh well. I'll do that when I take it off.

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Yeah, I am going to constantly check if it will rub against the struts or not.
Do you know where to purchase Saner collar? no one really posted their website..
I heard the guy who sells never picks up the phone.

NA High Comp Build ON !!!
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The Suspension Techniques swaybars are an awesome product. I have both front and rear and I love them to death. Performance is outstanding, especially for the price :bigthumb:

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update: no "hitting strut" issues so far. Sway is doing great.

There is one MAJOR downside though.
That is, whenever you see a corner or a curve, you want to push it to the limit. :D

Caution!! This mod........
-might make you drive crazy
-might consume your gas more(lots of downshift for cornering=higher rpm stays=more gas)
-might eat up your brakes(hard cornering = hard brake required)
-might eat up your tires

So be prepared............ :evil grin:
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