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I went down to get my tires rotated (its free with my tires, why waste the effort?) and the tech working there said that i needed to possibly get an alignment and/or new struts. He based this decission on seeing my car lifted on a hydrolic lift. My back left(driver-side) tire hangs lower than the back right. He couldnt seem to tell me if it was something as simple as badly adjusted coilovers or actual broken components.

My struts themselfs dont feel blown. I did the push test and its a single bounce, no multiple recoils. When my adjustables got installed i remember them having a problem with the sleeve for the coils being to high up the strut and having to cut off the bottom ring around the oem strut to make it work. Could it be that it somehow slipped down the strut?

If its my struts, i'd like to get something better, what would be a good pair of all around struts. I plan to switch springs because these vis v-spec things just arent cutting it, so i'd like to have them still kinda work. Is that a dream?

Just curious.. thanks in advance.
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