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supercharger question

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will a US made supercharger like oscar jackson fir on a JDM lude engine? or wil it only fit US spec ones?
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The compression ratio is all wrong.

Type S... . .
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I'll be happy to swap engines with anyone with a Type S engine who wants a supercharger
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I bet you would...
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Well, there are JDM preludes with 10:1 CR... SiR I think?

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I'm with spite... there are JDM H22's that are virtually identical the the USDM ones. I don't think he was talking about the type-s motor.
My apologies.
I thought all JDM H22A had the same compression ratio.
can you guys imagine a supercharged type S...pure prelude heaven. That would have to be pushing close the 270-280hp to the ground.

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even if it did work on the typeS engine, it'd probly blow up...compression ratio is too high on the S
Just for interests sake,early last year I contacted Jackson Racing and enquired (before I knew about the compression problem)
as to whether or not there would be a problem with my Type S JDM H22A engine.
They replied no problem at all and would I like to place an order, they'd be shipping in a few weeks...

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That's the problem with JR. You never get the same answer twice from those guys. I asked Oscar Jackson himself at NOPI last year, and he said MAYBE the Type S cams would work with no problem but to stay away to be safe. The compression ratio, valve overlap, and ECU may give you trouble.
He told me he was working on a kit for the UK's Accord Type R, which has the same or very similar engine as the JDM Type S lude. The project is very very very very far behind. And looks like it won't last. It's kind of like the gains a JRSC gives to a Type R compared to the gains on a GS-R teg. The Type-R isn't quite as impressive in gains as the GS-R is when SCed.
You also have to realize that in the US we don'r get the super high octane gases that are used in Japan, and maybe in the UK? (One of the UK guys confirm this, the best we can get at most pumps is 93 octane in the states). So, the JRSC development for the Type-R accord is based on higher octane gas than what we have available here, so I don't think having a Type-S head, and or ECU will work for your favor. Wait and see if Greddy ever finishes, and releases their Turbo kit for the lude. It's designed for the JDM Type-S Lude.
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Wow, thanks, so much interesting information.
I was especially suprised to read about the Greddy Turbo although how they would make it profitable for a car as rare (even in Japan) as the Type S would make interesting reading.
Would be fantastic if it came out though.
97 Octane is available from all motorway service stations here in the UK and about 30% of service stations in the suburbs.
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