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I have an alpine type s 12" sub powered by a jl 500/1 amp. Worked fine for a couple of months.

The other day i was driving along and had the volume down low (about 6/40) cause i was chatting with a buddy and all of a sudden the sub just stopped. The amp still has power and its not in protection mode, so fast forward to today and i open the box up and i find that if i wire it to 1ohm (momenntarily and on low volume, probably not good for it i know) it works.

So i figure this means that the connections to the amp are all good and that its receiving signal from the head unit, and that the sub is not blown, so i figure there is a short or something in the one connector (sorry dont know the name) that you control the ohms in.
+-+- the two middle connected by jumper cable should be 4ohm
+-+- the two positives connected should make it 1ohm correct?

I also fooled around with a multimeter but im not sure what to check with it.
Just looking for some help i guess haha

Thanks guys
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