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Sup everyone, some of you older prelude folk might remember this event.

The South Central Prelude Meet

The first South Central Prelude Meet was held back in 2002 and was set in place so Preludes from all the lower South Central US states & Cities could meet together at one location for a span of 2-3 days. This event pulled luders from places like San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Louisiana, El Paso, Oklahoma, etc, etc. It grew with more Preluders participating every year and quickly went from 20 Preludes, to 50+ Preludes!

The last SCPM was held in Houston back in May 2004. Years prior they were held in Austin and Dallas.... and after 5 years of no SCPM, Houston's Bringing It Back Baby!!! Bigger & Better than ever before!!

SCPM4 !!!

SCPM4 is still in the planning stages, but is being planned for tentative mid-year of (Apr-July) 2010.

Get Ready!! This event will be HUGE!!!

Although planning is still taking place, events may or will consist of the following:
- Prelude only Car Show
- Dyno
- Track
- 1/4 Mile

- POSSIBLE (not yet guaranteed) event coverage by Honda Tuning Magazine!! [we're really shooting for this to be the Frist Prelude event that Honda Tuning Mag will cover].

- POSSIBLE (not yet guaranteed) Guest Appearance by Big Mike & his Green Prelude!!

- POSSIBLE (not yet guaranteed) Guest Company Appearance by BISIMOTO Engineering!!

- Guaranteed: 2 Year SCPM Participating Performance Shop – ASAA RACING!!


For more information please visit
Follow it present progress at SCPM Planning. - Page 10 - Houston Prelude Club Forums website will soon be fully functional.

Hope to see everyone there!

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