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looking good basil. man, it seems like you're changing wheels every couple of months :laugh:

are you having trouble with the lower offset of the RH evos?

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sold the rotas for the sc n then sold the sc

as for my complaints the es100 are so noisy.....
as for traction its not bad but i would say it couldnt do 50% of what a so3 could do in the dry....
i tried going around a turn quick n the tire just slips....so3's stick so good....
at the race track i push the s03's to the limit in they slowly drift out like a few inches at a time being very friendly...
the es just slip like a foot at a time at a lower speed limit...

i have to admit the es100's are much better than the paradas
but another thing the es100's dont heat up just like the paradas so maybe thats y they suck so much hahah

ill do a write up on tires in alil bit after finals
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