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5th gen Sissy-Stick (5spd Swap, eventually)

I was hoping for an FAQ on 5th gen suspension/tires/wheels, but I didn't find one. Maybe once I get some good answers here, we can use them to make one.

If I use stock tires and wheels, what kind of performance will I be missing out on? I guess things are supposed to be better with low-profile tires and larger rims. Less sidewall flex is supposed to be good for gas mileage and cornering (which low profile tires eliminate), but how and why? Am I going to be at a serious disadvantage if I'm running at about 300whp with a supercharger? What other things should I consider?

I might also eventually lower my car a little, but really with a goal of making the car look a little flatter and not so wedge-like. If I only lower the rear suspension a smidgen, do I need to worry about camber kits or greatly changed handling?

Lastly, what should I consider when upgrading my suspension? What brands and kits are good for our cars?

My goals are modest, don't really want a track racer, just a more powerful and nimble Daily Driver. Aesthetically, I want my car to look almost stock with just a few subtle modifications and improvements.
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