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Hey guys, I had some issues with my 2000 Honda Prelude 5MT that I was hoping to get some help with. Today going on an offramp I downshifted to 4th and got completely locked out of 4th. I slowed down and put it in 2nd and as I continued to drive it became a lot harder to shift through each gear. Then when I got moving from a complete stop the clutch felt a little bit like it "shuddered" right at the engagement point. You might be able to see it in the attached video. I drove home and after driving a little with my dad it's as if the transmission didn't have synchro rings. The car would only shift at certain RPM's (you can see that at 2:20 when I shift to 3rd and then right after at 2:28 when I downshift to 2nd). Also, when I came home and backed into my driveway, I had the stick in reverse, the clutch all the way in, and as I was rolling back (sloped-driveway) weird noises would be coming from the engine bay. Has anyone had this issue before and knows what it could be? Thanks!
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