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Shift Knob removal on a SS

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How do i do it? just twist it? i'm afraid i'm gonna break something. there is a plastic thing on the bottom.. twist that? or the whole knob itself? and also. would a CL-S or TL-s knob fit on it?
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Im wondering about the same thing too.

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All you need to do is pull down on that plastic part under the shift knob, then twist the knob off...that's it


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No No ... you can unscrew the shift knobin one piece. Turn it counterclockwise to undo, and clockwise to reinstall. This is where I got instructions to put on my new Honda Leather shift knob:

Hope this helps.
i can't read the PDf file.. can you post it up?
would a SS knob from a 5th gen work on an auto 4th gen?
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ahcjar103:
would a SS knob from a 5th gen work on an auto 4th gen?</font>
Nope, the ss knob on a 5th gen doesn't have a button like the knob on auto 4th gens. I'd say go with a razo unit. they have that popular one w/ a button on top that's been copied by all the cheap companies. and then there are those fancy ones.

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well, razo and some other companies make some for auto's that you just push down like the SS i was just wondering if it is compatible
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